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Title: Win “Euphoria Kids” book - FB - comment/wol
Post by: culturebird on Friday 24 January 2020, 10:46:56 am

Love Highway Bodies and Ida? Well guess what, Alison Evans has another fantastic book out in February and we're giving one lucky reader a chance to win their very own copy!

Ever since the witch cursed Babs, she turns invisible sometimes. She has her mum and her dog, but teachers and classmates barely notice her. Then, one day, Iris can see her. And Iris likes what they see. Babs is made of fire.

Iris grew from a seed in the ground. They have friends, but not human ones. Not until they meet Babs. The two of them have a lot in common: they speak to dryads and faeries, and they're connected to the magic that's all around them.

There's a new boy at school, a boy who's like them and who hasn't yet found his real name. Soon the three of them are hanging out and trying spellwork together. Magic can be dangerous, though. Witches and fae can be cruel. Something is happening in the other realm, and despite being warned to stay away, the three friends have to figure out how to deal with it on their own terms.

For your chance to win this magical tale, just answer this question:

Who would you choose to help you perform magic and why?