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   Sunday 19 May 2019, 04:38:11 pm   
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  • Share in $100,000 CASH in July     Closing Date: Sunday 29 July 2018

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Author Topic: Share in $100,000 CASH in July!/Play Gaming Machines/Weekly Draws/The Ville/Qld  (Read 308 times)  (Replies 0 posts)
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« : Tuesday 24 July 2018, 08:02:19 am »
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Share in $100,000 CASH in July!

This July, The Ville presents Townsville’s largest ever cash giveaway! Make sure you are here every Friday to win one of 21 Golden Tickets. This promotion is open to all Vantage Rewards members.


Qualifying Draws:

Friday 6th July, Friday 13th July, Friday 20th July & Friday 27th July 2018

7pm: $1,000 Cash + 1 x Golden Ticket

8pm: $2,000 Cash + 1 x Golden Ticket

9pm: $3,000 Cash + 1 x Golden Ticket

10pm: $4,000 Cash + 1 x Golden Ticket


Sunday 29th July 2018

1pm: $2,000 Cash + 1 x Golden Ticket

2pm: $2,000 Cash + 1 x Golden Ticket

3pm: $2,000 Cash + 1 x Golden Ticket

4pm: $2,000 Cash + 1 x Golden Ticket

5pm: $2,000 Cash + 1 x Golden Ticket



Sunday 29th July 2018

6pm: 21 x Golden Ticket holders will go into the draw and one member will win a whopping $50,000 CASH!

How to enter:
1. Patrons will earn entries leading up to the qualifying draws while playing eligible EGMs with their Vantage Rewards card inserted.

2. 21 Golden Tickets will be won throughout the month of July with the 21 Golden Ticket holders playing in the major prize draw on Sunday 29th July 2018.

[$100,000 Cash Golden Ticket Draw] – July, 2018
Promoter: Breakwater Island Limited, as responsible entity for Breakwater Island Trust, ABN 48 071 515
194 trading as The Ville of Sir Leslie Thiess Drive, Townsville, Queensland, 4810.
Promotional Period
1. The [$100,000 Cash Golden Ticket Draw] promotion (“Promotion”) commences at [9.00am] on [Monday
2 July, 2018] and concludes once the final prize draw has been completed on 29 July 2018.
(“Promotional Period”).
2. During the Promotion Period, Qualifying Prize Draws will be conducted approximately every 60 minutes
between [7:00pm – 10:00pm] (each a “Qualifying Prize Draw”) on the main gaming floor at The Ville
(“Draw Location”) on each Friday during the Promotional Period (each a “Draw Day”).
3. On Sunday 29 July, additional Qualifying Prize Draws will be conducted approximately every 60 minutes
between [1:00pm – 5:00pm] (each a “Qualifying Prize Draw”) on the main gaming floor at The Ville
(“Draw Location”).
4. On Sunday 29 July at 6:00pm the Golden Ticket Prize Draw will be conducted where each of the
winners for the Qualifying Prize Draws will have the opportunity to win the Major Prize (“Major Prize
Eligibility To Enter
5. In order to participate in the Promotion, a person must:
a) be 18 years of age or over;
b) be a current member of Vantage Rewards; and
c) are entitled to access the draw location; and
d) not be the subject of an exclusion direction or self-exclusion order pursuant to the Casino Control Act
1982 (Qld).
A person who meets the above criteria will be referred to as an “Eligible Entrant”.
6. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse any person participation in the Promotion at any time.
Entries and Entry Periods
7. An Eligible Entrant may earn entries in the Qualifying Prize Draws through playing gaming machines
8. For the Qualifying Prize Draws, one (1) entry (“Entry”) will be automatically generated on behalf of an
Eligible Entrant for every $5 of turnover for EGM play (when the Eligible Entrant’s current Vantage
Rewards card is correctly inserted into the gaming machine).
9. Entry Periods for the Qualifying Prize Draws are listed below “Entry Period”. Entries will only qualify for
prize draws conducted on that respective Entry Periods.
Qualifying Prize Draws Entry Periods
06/07/2018 at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm 9:00am 02/07/2018 to each Prize Draw on 06/07/2018
13/07/2018 at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm 10:00pm 06/07/2018 to each Prize Draw on 13/07/2018
20/07/2018 at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm 10:00pm 13/07/2018 to each Prize Draw on 20/07/2018
27/07/2018 at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm 10:00pm 20/07/2018 to each Prize Draw on 27/07/2018
29/07/2018 at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm 10:00pm 27/07/2018 to each Prize Draw on 29/07/2018
10. An Entry for the Qualifying Prize Draws is only valid for the next Draws on that Draw Week to be held
after that Entry is submitted, and is not valid for any subsequent Prize Draws on other Draw Weeks.
11. Eligible Entrants must be present to win.
12. The total prize pool for the Qualifying Prize Draws is $50,000 and the Major Prize for the Golden Ticket
Prize Draw is $50,000 + 20,000 Vantage Dollars as consolation prizes.
Prize Draws
Qualifying Prize Draws Prize
Qualifying Prize Draws
06/07/2018, 13/07/2018, 20/07/2018 and
7:00pm - $1,000 cash + 1 x Golden Ticket
8:00pm - $2,000 cash + 1 x Golden Ticket
9:00pm - $3,000 cash + 1 x Golden Ticket
10:00pm - $4,000 cash + 1 x Golden Ticket
Qualifying Prize Draws
Sunday 29/07/2018
1:00pm - $2,000 cash + 1 x Golden Ticket
2:00pm - $2,000 cash + 1 x Golden Ticket
3:00pm - $2,000 cash + 1 x Golden Ticket
4:00pm - $2,000 cash + 1 x Golden Ticket
5:00pm - $2,000 cash + 1 x Golden Ticket
Major Prize Draw
Sunday 29/07/2018 1 x $50,000 cash
20 x 1,000 Vantage Dollars Vouchers
13. Winners will receive their Prize after their identity has been confirmed in accordance with Conditions 27
and 28.
14. All Prizes must be taken as stated and cannot be exchanged for alternate prizes or offers. Any tax
implication or liability that attaches to a Prize will be the sole responsibility of the relevant winner.
Conduct of the Qualifying Prize Draws
15. Should the Draw Location be filled to venue permitted capacity for any Prize Draw, the Promoter will
direct excess audience members to an additional venue at The Ville to attend the Prize Draws.
16. For the Qualifying Prize Draws one name will be selected from the eligible entrants for that Qualifying
Prize Draw.
17. The Drawn Entry must be verified by two (2) representatives of The Ville to ensure the correct name is
18. The name (and membership number if relevant) of the Eligible Entrants identified on the Drawn Entry will
be announced on the PA System (“Drawn Entrant”). The Promoter cannot guarantee that
announcements can be heard in all parts of the Draw Location or throughout the remainder of the venue
during the Prize Draw announcements.
19. A Drawn Entrant who has entered the Prize Draw must be “present at the Prize Draw” for a chance to
win. To be deemed “present at the Prize Draw” the Drawn Entrant must present themselves to a The Ville
representative at the Draw Location at The Ville within two (2) minutes of their name being announced
and provide suitable identification in accordance with Condition 27 and 28 (“Winner”). Drawn Entrants
are not permitted to send a proxy to claim a prize.
20. If a Drawn Entrant does not comply with Condition 19 at the prize draws redraws will take place until a
winner is found.
Conduct of the Major Prize Draw
21. The Major Prize Draw will consist of 21 Golden Balloons each containing a prize, one of which will be the
Major Prize.
22. Each of the winners of a Golden Ticket will be given the opportunity to select a Golden Balloon. The
order in which the selection will take place will be determined by the number on their Golden Ticket. E.g
Number 1 will select first, number 2 second etc. Note the Golden Balloons are not to be burst until after
all Golden Balloons have been selected by those members with Golden Tickets at the Major Prize Draw.
23. If a Qualifying Prize Draw winner has more than one Golden Ticket they must wait until the number of
each Golden Ticket is announced before selecting a Golden Balloon for that numbered Golden Ticket.
24. The winners of a Golden Ticket can nominate a proxy to represent them at the Major Prize draw
25. If all Qualifying Prize Draw winners are not present at the time of the Major Prize draw then the Qualifying
Prize Draw winners who are not present will forfeit their right to participate in the Major Prize Draw. For
any unclaimed Golden Balloons, all Golden Tickets present at the Major Prize Draw will be placed in a
barrel and one Golden Ticket will be drawn for each remaining Golden Balloon, which is awarded to the
owner of the drawn Golden Ticket. This draw process will repeat until all Golden Balloons are distributed.
26. After all Golden Balloons have been selected, a team member will announce a countdown from 10 to 0,
after which time all Qualifying Prize Draw winners with burst the Golden Balloons to reveal the prize
contained in an envelope.
27. An Eligible Entrant must produce valid acceptable identification to a representative of the Promoter to
confirm their eligibility to win a prize. Valid identification acceptable to the Promoter will be either one
form of valid photographic identification (Passport or Australian driver’s licence) with an undamaged
clearly visible photograph, or two other forms of non-photographic identification acceptable to the
28. The Promoter reserves the right to waive or vary the identification requirements at its sole discretion in
circumstances where the identity of an Eligible Entrant is determinable by a representative of the
Promoter without the assistance of these or any other form of identification.
Invalid Draws/Entries
29. If an Entry is gained by means other than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the Entry will
be deemed invalid.
30. Directors, management and employees of The Ville or any suppliers or agencies associated with this
Promotion are not eligible to participate in this Promotion.
31. Prizes must be taken as stated and cannot be exchanged or redeemed for alternate prizes. Any tax
liability or implication which attaches to a prize is the responsibility of the Winner claiming that Prize.
32. The Promoter is not responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered or claimed (including, but not
limited to, indirect or consequential loss or damage, personal injury or death, and direct or indirect loss or
damage due to negligence or technical or mechanical malfunction) by an entrant in relation to entering or
participating in this Promotion or taking or using the prizes offered (except that which cannot be excluded
by law) except where that loss, damage or injury was caused by breach of these terms and conditions by
the Promoter or the wilful or negligent acts or omissions of the Promoter. To avoid any doubt, the
Promoter shall not be liable for loss caused by technical and mechanical malfunction which is outside the
control of the Promoter.
33. Conduct of the entire Promotion, including decisions on the eligibility of persons to enter and validity of
entry and prizes, shall be the responsibility of the Promoter.
34. To the extent that a situation or issue arises for which these terms and conditions make no provision or in
relation to which the relevant terms and conditions are unclear, the Promoter reserves the right to make a
decision regarding such situation or issue which is not inconsistent with these terms and conditions in its
sole and absolute discretion.
35. While the Promoter intends to conduct the Promotion as offered, the Promoter reserves the right to
cancel or change the Promotion or a prize offered in the Promotion if it can no longer continue the
Promotion or offer a prize due to circumstances outside the Promoter’s control.
36. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for late or non-received entries. The Promoter does not
guarantee the continuous or fault-free operation of the entry processes, including entry validating and
receipting processes, during the Promotion. In the event of any technical difficulties with the Casino
Management System the Promoter reserves the right to adopt a manual process of generating Entries.
37. Any entrant who tampers, or attempts to tamper, with the entry processes or tampers, or attempts to
tamper with the processes used for the draws or who submits an entry which is not valid in accordance
with these terms will be subject to disqualification at the discretion of the Promoter.
38. Drawn Entrants may be asked to participate in publicity or advertising at the request of the Promoter.
Participation in any such publicity or advertising is at the sole discretion of the relevant Drawn Entrant.
The names of Drawn Entrants will not be published without their consent except as announced at the
Draw Location.
39. Participation in the Promotion indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions governing the Promotion.
These terms and conditions will be available at the Vantage Rewards Customer Service Desk at The Ville
throughout the Promotion Period.
40. By participating in this Promotion, each entrant’s entry/entries becomes the property of the Promoter and
may be used for the Promoter’s business analysis and marketing purposes in accordance with the
Promoter’s privacy statement which can be viewed at Privacy law allows entrants to
access their personal information held by the Promoter in certain circumstances. Failure to supply the
personal information requested may result in an entry being deemed invalid.

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