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Title: Pittwater RSL - Win share $50,000 worth of Points/$5000 weekly/Closes 12/4/24
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Every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY nights

Pittwater Rewards Points can be transferred to your eftpos prepaid card to spend anywhere!

*Terms & conditions apply. See below.
Terms & Conditions

Pittwater RSL “50K Club Promotion”
Terms and Conditions
1.1 Open to all financial members of Pittwater RSL Club over the age of
eighteen (18).
1.2 Members who are suspended, expelled, in grace or ceased are
ineligible to enter into the promotion.
1.3 Pittwater RSL Club Directors & their partners, Management & their
partners and Staff are ineligible to participate in the promotion.
1.4 Members must be present on the premises of the Club at the time of
their name being drawn to be eligible to claim their prize.
1.5 Members gain entry from 10:00am Monday 5 February until 8:00pm
Friday 12 April by swiping daily at the Membership Kiosk
1.6 There will be with two kiosk sessions per day (10am to 10pm, and 10pm
to 3am) where members can gain entry tickets
1.7 Members name and badge number will be printed on the ticket, which
the member will be required to place in the barrel in the promotional
2.1 Draws will be held each week on Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30pm,
7:00pm, 7:30pm, 8:00pm and 8:30pm from Wednesday 7 February 2024
until Friday 12 April 2024
2.2 Members place their ticket(s) into the barrel up to five minutes prior to
each scheduled draw
2.3 Each winner drawn must be present at the club and will have four (4)
minutes to claim their prize from the Promotional Display Area of
Pittwater RSL Club. The compere of the evening will announce the
winner’s name again when there is one (1) minute remaining for the
prize to be claimed.
2.4 Winners will be announced via the Club’s PA system throughout the
entire club.
2.5 Members are eligible to win one (1) draw per evening
2.6 The winner must present a valid Pittwater RSL membership card as a
form of identification. The claimant’s form of ID will be confirmed by the
2.7 In the event that the winner does not present themselves to the
Promotional Area within the four (4) minute time frame OR has already
been awarded a prize that evening, a redraw will take place until a
winner presents within the four (4) minute time frame
2.8 The barrel will be emptied after the final draw each night
3.1 The five (5) Draws each night consist of Pittwater Rewards Points, which
will be added to the members card within forty-eight (48) hours of the
prize being awarded: 6:30pm - $500 Pittwater Rewards Points (50,000 points) 7:00pm - $500 Pittwater Rewards Points (50,000 points) 7:30pm - $500 Pittwater Rewards Points (50,000 points) 8:00pm - $500 Pittwater Rewards Points (50,000 points) 8:30pm - $500 Pittwater Rewards Points (50,000 points)
• 5 draws per night: $2,500 Pittwater Rewards Points (250,000 points)
• 2 draw nights per week: $5,000 Pittwater Rewards Points (500,000 points)
Promotion period runs for 10 weeks: total prize pool $50,000 Pittwater Rewards Points
(5,000,000 points)
1. Patrons must have a current Pittwater RSL Club Membership Card to
2. Pittwater RSL Club (The Club) in its reasonable discretion may (but is not
obliged to) cancel, suspend, terminate, modify or adjourn the promotion of
any of the draw or any processes for the selection of any winner, where
circumstances unexpected by the Club arise in relation to the promotion or a
draw. Unexpected circumstances could include (but are not limited to)
technical difficulties, power outages, infection by computer virus, computer
bug, tampering, unauthorised intervention, technical failures or errors and any
other unexpected circumstance beyond the reasonable control of the Club
which corrupts or affects the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper
conduct as planned of the promotion. The Club’s rights are subject to any
direction given under any relevant legislation or in connection with any permit
under which the promotion is conducted.
3. The Club is not responsible for members being located in areas within the
Club’s premises in which PA announcements are not able to be heard, nor for
the audible integrity of those announcements.
4. Prizes are strictly not transferable or negotiable.
5. In the event that the host or employees of the club announce different prize
amounts, prize amounts are as per the Terms and Conditions.
6. Prizes are not transferable or negotiable.
7. A person by claiming or accepting a prize agrees that the Club may use their
name, suburb, photograph, image for the purpose of promoting the Club and
agrees to cooperate with the Club to allow their photo to be taken for those
8. To claim prize, members must produce their membership card as proof of
current membership.
9. Members must be present on Club premises at actual time of draw to win and
have 4 minutes to claim prize.
10. All draws will be conducted by Apple Server Time (Apple Iphone)
11. Directors & their partners, Management & their partners and Staff of Pittwater
RSL Club Limited are ineligible to enter.
12. In the event that members have any issues with the draw their first point of call
is the host doing the draw to sort out the complaint at that time, in the event
that the complaint has not been resolved only then should the manager be
13. In the event that Management of Pittwater RSL Club deem that participants
are acting in a manner not in the spirit of the promotion via collusion or other
such means, Pittwater RSL Club reserves the right to suspend conducting any
portion of this promotion until such time as a proper investigation can be
completed into any such act.
14. In all cases, the decision of the most Senior Manager on premises at the time of
the draw is absolute. All decisions are final.
15. Winners may be published on the Club’s website within 14 days of the draw.