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Firstly WELCOME!
This FAQ was compiled by Traveller.
Hopefully this will answer all your questions about comping or redirect you to the right place.
This post by Administrator is worth reading by clicking the following link: //

Is this site really free?
It's run by normal everday people like yourself who love entering competitions and love winning!
If you'd like to support the club and help pay for the hosting and stuff like that well that's great, but you don't have to pay anything at all.

I heard about CompFolio, what's that?
Compfolio is a super-dooper software package created especially for the Compingclub.
It keeps track of the comps you've entered, how much you've won and things like that.
You can't buy it but if you support the club by contributing towards the running costs you can get it for free!
By the way, you don't realy need Compfolio, you can do everything Compfolio can with a pen and paper, but you'll need lots of pens and stacks of paper because there are so many comps to keep track of!

How do I enter competitions?
There are many forms of competitions:
Web competitions - Enter online
Magazine competitions - You need to buy the magazine to enter (sometimes coupons)
Phone-in competitions - You require to enter via sms or call.
Radio competition - Listen to the radio
Mail-in - Snail mail entry

NOTE: If you see a competition post, Do NOT hit reply and enter that way. Please read the thread first post. Usually the instructions of how to enter are there. If someone has missed something like posting the url (website) check the next few posts as someone usually will post it if it is missing. There have been incidents where people have posted their details in threads.

How does this site have so many competitions?
Members just like you! Friendly caring helping members who make this site what it is. Members post competitions they find and share it with the comping community.

If I want to help out, How do I find competitons?
Suggestions of what to look for click the following link: //

Note: You can find competions in your local supermarket, listening to the radio and other places including online.

I found a competition, How do I see if the competition is posted already?
Sylph's guide to checking a comp is posted click the following link: //

The competition I found isn't posted, How do I post it?
On the left hand side, click "Post a competition"
Select the type of competition.
Put the closing date (Usually in the terms and conditions) This put the competition in the calender.

What is the calender?
The calender has competitions listed by their closing dates. This is why it helps to put the closing date on competitions so everyone knows when it ends and can get their entries in. Click "Competition Calendar" on the left menu or "Calendar" Tab above.

I don't have time to post a competition, Can someone else post it for me?
Although it is encouraged newbies to post their competitions you can ask someone to post it or even post one there is waiting be posted by clicking the following link: //
Note: Be sure to post you have posted the competition after you have done it and not before.

I posted a competiton already posted oops?
It is better to be posted twice than not at all. Mods will see this and merge the two threads together. Thank you for taking time to post a competition. Smile

Who are the Moderators and how do I contact them?
You can click on the Moderators IM button under their name, to the left of their post and send them a personal message Another way is scroll down on the main page of acc ( and you will see mods names are in red who are online, You can contact anyone of them by sending them a personal message... Click their name. Next page you will see send a private message. Mods will also have stars flashing next to their name.

The following members are moderators.

Major Tom

What is that moving thing on the front page?
That is the scroller. It shows recent posts. If you post on the forum your post will be showned in the scroll until more posts are posted.

How do I know which competition I won and who to thank?
The best place to thank is when you tell us what you won in Tell us what you won section. Nothing better to keep those on the WIW's on the couch motivated than hearing others great wins. Try to search for the prize you won to find out who posted it if it didn't come with where it was from. Sometimes someone else might have won the same prize and thanked them already saving you time searching. If you haven't won anything this is a great pick me up thread.

I am so confused, Is there anyone who can help me?
Some members have volunteered as Comping mentors to help out. Click the following link: //

What are all these different headings on the main page?
This forum is divided into sections otherwise there would be choas and everything messy.
Sections are:
Public Foyer
General Comps
On-going Comps
Free Stuff
Help and Assistance
I'm Lost
Special Events

What is in these sections, How do I know which one to use?
Public Foyer
This is where you read the rules and guidelines, Ask a question, give suggestions and mostly where you can say Hi and introduce yourself!
Note: There is a timer on the welcome threads, but by that time though you will be one of us regulars. Smile

General Comps This sections is where you find the competitions. They are divided into what form of competition they are.

On-going Comps This section is for competitions that are repeative. Some sites have competitions every week, or a chance to win daily or enter daily.
Click the following for a list of the competitions that are on-going and guide how to post in the section...
Daily: //
Weekly: //
Fortnightly: //
Monthly: //

Free Stuff Samples, Offers and FREEBIES are posted here.

Classifieds Won something you don't want? Trade, Buy and Sell here. Please read the following thread // There other threads you might find helpful but you should navigate on your own to get a handle of things better.

Expired Competitions and unwanted prizes sold

Help and Assistance Still need help here is the place including tips to winning competitions and techinical problems.

Discussions This is a great area. You can share your entries, tell everyone what you won, trade entry coupons or just general chat.

I'm Lost This is where you post if you are very confused. When a Moderator has time they will move your post to the appropriate area.

Special Events In the case of a big competition that is a hot topic of discussion this is the place to find it.

What is an Avatar?
An avatar is your display picture next to your name.

What is that underneath everyones post?
You can have a signature that goes at the bottom of every post you write.

How do I add an avatar or signature?
 Click my information on the left on the menu and there are some avatars in there but you can upload your own. Scroll down and you can add your signature there.

The Nitty Gritty
A few things that people need to consider

Please be nice to eachother there has been events in the past that have made very lovely members leave who contributed greatly to this site.

Please edit your post instead of double posting.

If you wish to thank someone for a post please private message them otherwise the threads would be filled with thank you messages. Better yet there is a blanket thank you located by clicking the following link: //

Do not ask for certain types of competitions. Please try looking for them by using the search option or googling. You might find a competition not listed.  Very Happy

If something isn't posted like an answer or codeword. Please help to get it because chances are if someone knew it it would be posted.

Lol - Laugh out loud
WIW - Winning in waiting - Often referred to sitting on the couch
WEM - Winning Email
WPC - Winning Phone Call
WIM - Win in Mail
Omg - Oh my god
MIA - Missing in Action

The BIGGEST! tip I recommend is make a new email for comping. You receive alot of newsletters, confirmations, signups etc.

If you are on a slow connection right click the competition and click open in new tab. Enter a competition as the others load.

Make a signature of your details in your email so when you enter competitions via email you only need to click your signature.

If you are the only user on the computer, get competition websites to save your login and password. Saves you logging in each time. Only! If noone else uses your computer. You don't want people accessing you details on a public computer.

Turn on Autocomplete. This saves your previously entered details. If a competition uses the same form name all you need to do is double click the box.
Turn autocomplete on by Tools - Internet Options - Content - Under Autocomplete: Settings - Tick the box Web Forms - Click ok and you are done.

How do I know I've won?
Google your name, check winners list, check your email, answer your phone or be surprised.
The best prizes are the unexpected ones.

Competition Scams
Please take time to look the scams section at the following link //
Some competitions are not scams however there are competitions with fine print and end up costing you money. An example of this is What colour is the ten dollar bill? SMS your answer to (phone number). What alot of people don't notice is the fine print "By entering you accept to receive messages at $5 each. You will receive upto 6 msgs a month. SMS 'STOP' to stop receiving messages". Unfortunately you don't find out until you receive the bill. Just be wary of such competitions.

I hope this helps. Please Note I looked at other threads to get the most common asked things. Thank you to everyone who answered questions to save me time thinking of FAQ's. Good Luck Comping everyone!

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